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31 October 2006 @ 11:25 am

Wow, I had actually forgotten that I had this blog, I use MySpace so much any more. Which is kind of a shame because Flock (the web browser) lets you post directly from a pop-up window in the browser. Don't have to log-in or, in my case right now, be logged on to tap out a post.

Anyway, enough nerd talk. Germany. Damn, it's cold here. It's like 50 degrees for the high. And that is supposed to be unseasonably warm for this time of the year.  Normally, there's supposed to be like a foot of snow on the ground.  I think that would just about kill me.

This mission is coming at a good time.  I had a near mid-air collision with the Friday I left.  I dodged him by about forty feet.  I was way,way pissed.  He learned a whole new vocabulary when he came back to the school.  We're going back to an eight hour work schedule when we get back.  That will seem like working half-days after the last month and a half.  And that would chop about an hour and a half of flight time a day from my log book.  But, that is just fine.  I can cope.  Twelve hour days were getting old.  Fast.

Here we are being underutilized.  Which means I have some extra time on my hands.  And thus I have time to tap the bad boy out.  Here in the next couple of days things will start speeding up.  Guess that means the government sponsored vacation is coming to a close.

***Late Edit***

So, I started one of my drunken athiest rants (although, I guess you could consider this a continuation of that) tonight.  I love when I get some goth wannabe trying to convince me that there is a God, that he is perfect, and all about love, ect.  Meanwhile, he has all of Rob Zombie's songs loaded on his laptop.  Yeah, you just gave money to someone who makes a living spouting about the devil.  Explain that to your god next you talk to him.

27 May 2006 @ 01:25 am
Women are evil.

Yes, they are.

Except my Mom.
I so don't want to go to drill this weekend. They keep wanting me to do a bunch of other missions. BNCOC phase 2 is all I want to do so that I can get promoted (for my last promotion that I care about). Their asking for volunteers for Iraq and Afghanistan (again) and a few other missions to... other places. If I wanted to spend that much time away I'd just go to work for Blackwater for a whole lot more. Although, if I don't find a good job flying right away after I get my CFI, it is nice to have all this stuff as a back up.

Anyway, hopefully early week after next I'll be taking the much ballyhoo'd checkride. I have the flying portion down and am just cram studying for the oral portion. 80% first time failure on this checkride. Fuck.

Oh, a few of the podcasts I've been downloading:

Rocketboom- Daily news and general quirkiness.

Ask A Ninja- Weekly comedy. It amazing what someone can do with a greenscreen and a black ninja outfit.

P.I.D. Radio- Peering into Darkness. These folks are so nuts it's great. This week they are convinced that demonic possession is running rampant in Pennsylvania. And that Nazi's imported it here during WWII. Seriously.

Onion Radio News- Daily faux news stories in a NPR style delivery.

Geekbrief.TV- Geek and gadget news. From a hot chick. Score.

StrongBad Emails- Just plain silliness.

Ministry of Unknown Science- Skit comedy. Hilarious.
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24 April 2006 @ 08:50 pm
Effing hell.

So, I get a call from my unit First SGT. What follows is a paraphrased transcript. My thoughts are added for context.

D: Hey, S____. Were you at the last drill?

Me: No, I was in Nebraska doing attending a course.

D: Oh, yeah, that's right. I was wondering about the training schedule.

Me: Well, SGT M____ called me while I was in Nebraska, she told me we were doing the range this drill.

D: Oh, we're going to the range? Maybe I should call CPT R____

Me: Yeah, I guess. (Aren't you supposed to be on top of this? Isn't that your job?)

D: Aren't you unemployed?

Me: Yeah, I'm finishing my flight training. (No, I don't want to do some bullshit mission that you probably already turned down. I'm finishing my fucking rating. Period.)

D: So, you should be free for missions.

Me: (Fuck, I knew it.) For when?

D: May 8-12. It's a to be the unit UPL. (Oh, the poor bastard in charge of urinalysis.)

Me: (Hmmm, watch a bunch of fuckers piss in a bottle every month, handle the sample bottles, ship them, ect. Sorry, pee does not turn me on.) Uh, no, I have a few flights already scheduled up for that week.

D: Oh, well, we have some other missions I e-mailed you about.

Me: Ok, I'll check my e-mail when I get to the house.

D: Oh, ok.

Me: (Honestly, I'm not adding the "Oh"'s) (Several seconds of silence.) Anything else?

D: Oh, no. I'll see ya at drill.

Me: Yeah, see ya then.
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20 April 2006 @ 09:17 am

Check it out. It's not what you think it is.
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I'm watching Sarah Silverman's "Jesus is Magic." It's all I could have hoped for. And more.

Anyway, I'm damn glad that it's over. Fourteen hour plus classroom hours a day. Needless to say I had no energy to study today. Tried to for about twenty minutes before the ol' A.D.D. started kicking in. I'll hit the books in earnest tomorrow. Kill me.

So, ten minutes in Omaha, while I was waiting for the taxi there was a tornado sighted three miles away from the airport. So the security folks herded us into the baggage area which is all concrete with no windows. We had to leave all of our baggage in the main terminal, and as we were being rushed away the automatic announcement not to leave your baggage unattended came over the PA. Priceless.

The course started the next day. We were at a little camp about fifteen minutes out of Omaha. It was so like my hometown in Indiana, it was scary. Flat fields, tons of farm trucks, pale fat chicks. The weather was pretty cold the first week, especially in the morning (5:15 in the freaken morning), but it warmed up quite a bit the second week. And around Thursday we had another tornado. Because of it, we were in the damp nasty storm shelter for three hours.

All that aside, the other students were all pretty good people. It's the first time I've done a leadership course like that and gotten along so well with all of my classmates. Normally you have at least one asshole. Wait a minute... That must mean... I was the asshole? Dammit.

So, now its back to the flying. I talked to Dennis, my instructor, and the plane won't be ready to fly until at least Wednesday. That's cool. Gives me a chance to hit the academics a little harder.

And yes, the fires of hell are closing in fast. Damn fast.

Oh, and I'm finishing "pre-production" on my first podcast. Huh, huh, pre-production.
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13 April 2006 @ 11:49 am
So, I'm just sitting in the airport in Omaha waiting to haul ass out. Two seperate tornados makes we glad for the hurricanes of Florida. At least you getts days of warnings before those hit.

Anyway, I'll probably post more tomorrow after I wake up sometime around noon-ish.

I miss my bed.
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27 March 2006 @ 10:07 pm
Why is it the more I am supposed to study, the more BS stuff I can find to do? I have worked out the podcast hosting. I may tweak it a little more maybe an embedded player in a page a la Rocketboom.

Fucking Nebraska. Two freaken weeks up there. Never been there before. Never been a reason to. Nebraska is one of those states you move away from, not to. Oh, well. All I have to do is pass this crappy course. After this all, I should have to worry about is the normal one weekend a moth crap until next year. After that the unit will probably go bye bye while I stay.

Hollie. Hmmm. Back, forth. Back, forth. Just as I decide one thing, I weenie out. Like yesterday, I know she was scared to death up in the aircraft, but she still went because she trusted me and knew how important aviation is to me. Yeah, eventually I have to make a choice. I just overthink this crap.
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26 March 2006 @ 06:04 pm
F-16 taking off from Vero Beach. You know it's loud when you can hear it over your own airplane. Hollie was trying to get me to drag race them.

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24 March 2006 @ 04:07 pm
Going to do my Multi-Engine Instructor checkride first and then do my Single Engine (or, the normal one). I'm actually kinda stoked about this now. It will end up being a little more expensive just for the Instructor rating, but cheaper when completely done, and it's little easier checkride. I can live with easy.

Anyway, I may be taking the big checkride Wednesday. If not, then when I get back from Nebraska after the 13th. The end is in sight, at least.

Back to studying.

Swear to god I have ADD.
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